1 thought on “Midweek Meditation”

  1. Hi Graham I watched this straight after the livestream this morning. Feeling uplifted. Knowing my mum is with dad in heaven means so much. They both lead such blessed Christian lives. So thoughtful, kind and loving people. Both in God’s loving arms. I feel blessed that we have had your and Gwen’s ministry. Mum loved coming to Christ Church with me each Christmas eve. Always felt so welcome. Though we stayed at home to celebrate with the livestream last time she insisted that she stayed up way past her usual bedtime 😃 to have communion.

    Hope you enjoy your retirement, though I expect you will both be busy serving God in different ways.

    God bless 🙏

    Christine Hayward

    On Thu, 17 Feb 2022, 07:12 Christ Church Moreton, wrote:

    > grahamjcousins posted: ” This week Graham thinks about what we can learn > from the Winter Olympics https://youtu.be/Jnar1EAjPzk ” >


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