Live Stream 29th March

The rules keep changing….

Last week it was great to see so many people connecting in to our 10:45 live stream, we had over 40 connections and many of those will have had multiple people watching. It was encouraging that, even though we are currently a church that is scattered, we can still come together in praise and to hear God’s word being taught.

Graham has also recorded the 6:30 talk which is following the final days of Jesus ministry here on earth, you can listen to that, and all the series on the teaching page of the website, just click on 6:30 when you get there.

With the announcement by the prime minister earlier in the week that many things were closing for the time being, restrictions by the Church of England rightly followed suit. This means that we are unable to do a live broadcast from the church building this week.

However, the notice did encourage us to be creative in how we did things, and so we are still going to meet together as church at 10:45 this coming Sunday, and we will still have as close to a service as we can get. Graham will be live streaming from the rectory and there will be songs and prayers.

There is a lot of technology involved so please be patient if it doesn’t go to plan while we figure out a new way of working, but please come and join us at 10:45 this Sunday

Alternatively, if you are on a TV or some other device where you can only go to YouTube, search for Christ Church Moreton.

Hope to see you there!

P.S. Don’t forget the clocks go forward Sunday morning!


Live Stream

This coming Sunday we are going to try live streaming a service from church with a very limited attendance, in the building anyway. We hope that you can join us at 10:45 this week.

The service will be hosted on the Christ Church YouTube channel, you can get there by visiting

You do not need to have a YouTube account to watch the stream, if you have an account (or sign up for one) you can subscribe to the channel and click the bell to get notified when we are live.

If the stream hasn’t started by 10:45 please refresh the page, if it still hasn’t started there may be issues, please be patient as we figure it out.