1 thought on “Midweek Meditation”

  1. Hi Graham Just wanted to say I’m glad you and the team have persevered with the midweek meditations. I have really enjoyed them. Quite often I’m surprised to hear a story that I thought I knew and have a new perspective revealed. Some stories I learned about in childhood now told in more detail. Probably the stories had been told in edited highlights to us in Sunday school. This past 18 months has been so difficult for many, though I’m thankful not to have been ill and being retired that we don’t have the stress of working at home or having to home school our children. My main concern is for my family and their mental health. Our sons have kept physically well but they both have worries about being with people. And stresses from the news stories from the world at large. That’s above their usual autism traits. I pray we can be strong for them and continue to support them through their difficulties. Rob, my hubby is struggling at the moment. It must be a form of depression judging from his demeanour and lack of enthusiasm for doing anything. He is my rock and I his. 42 years married says a lot. I’m hoping he will improve as there is more normality. Especially getting into the football season will make a difference to him lol. No, not Liverpool or Everton….but minion Chester. He’s been faithful to them for 50+ years. Yours in hoping to stay faithful to Christ.

    Thanks again God bless Chris xx

    On Thu, 5 Aug 2021, 07:37 Christ Church Moreton, wrote:

    > grahamjcousins posted: ” This week Graham brings together the Olympics and > Hebrews 12 https://youtu.be/HgVuCL6iW94 ” >


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